CAC Extends Registration Deadline for Fintech Operators to September 5, 2024

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has announced an extension to the registration deadline for Fintech operators, specifically Point of Sales (POS) Operators, to September 5, 2024. This extension comes as a relief to many operators, especially those in remote areas who have faced network challenges, providing them with additional time to comply with the mandatory registration requirements.

Initially, the CAC set the deadline for July 7, 2024, for the registration of sole agents, super agents, and agents involved in the Fintech sector. However, recognizing the difficulties encountered by operators, particularly in less accessible regions, the commission decided to extend the deadline by sixty days, commencing from July 7, 2024.

Importance of Registration

The CAC emphasized the critical importance of this registration process. The move aims to regulate the Fintech sector, ensuring that all operators are properly documented and adhere to the necessary legal frameworks. This measure is also intended to enhance the integrity and security of financial transactions conducted through POS systems.

According to the CAC, the registration process is vital not only for regulatory purposes but also for safeguarding the operators themselves and their customers from potential fraud and criminal activities. The commission has warned that operators who fail or refuse to register by the new deadline will face severe consequences. These include the risk of losing their businesses and potential prosecution for aiding and abetting criminal activities.

Network Challenges and Accessibility

One of the key reasons for the deadline extension is the network challenges that many operators in remote areas have faced. The CAC acknowledges that these challenges have made it difficult for some operators to complete the registration process on time. By extending the deadline, the commission aims to provide all operators with a fair opportunity to comply with the regulations, regardless of their geographical location.

The CAC’s decision to extend the deadline underscores its commitment to inclusivity and its understanding of the diverse operating environments within Nigeria. The extension allows operators more time to overcome technical difficulties and ensures that all stakeholders have the opportunity to register and continue their business operations without interruption.

Compliance and Enforcement

The CAC has made it clear that this extension is the final opportunity for compliance. Operators are urged to take advantage of the extended deadline to complete their registration. Failure to do so will result in stringent enforcement actions, including the closure of non-compliant businesses and legal action against those found aiding and abetting criminal activities.

The commission has also highlighted the importance of collaboration with other regulatory and law enforcement agencies to ensure compliance and enforce the regulations effectively. This collaborative approach aims to create a robust regulatory environment that supports the growth and sustainability of the Fintech sector while protecting consumers and maintaining the integrity of the financial system.

Support for Operators

To facilitate the registration process, the CAC has assured operators that it will provide the necessary support and resources. This includes addressing network issues and providing guidance on the registration requirements and procedures. The commission encourages operators to reach out for assistance if they encounter any difficulties during the registration process.

The CAC’s proactive approach aims to ensure that all operators are well-informed about the registration requirements and have access to the support needed to complete the process successfully. This support is particularly crucial for operators in remote areas who may face additional challenges in meeting the registration requirements.


The extension of the registration deadline to September 5, 2024, reflects the CAC’s commitment to supporting the Fintech sector while ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing the security of financial transactions. Operators are strongly urged to utilize this extended period to register and avoid the risk of business closure and legal repercussions.

The CAC’s decision demonstrates a balanced approach, providing operators with additional time to comply while maintaining the necessary regulatory standards to protect consumers and the financial system. As the new deadline approaches, it is imperative for all Fintech operators to prioritize their registration and ensure they meet the required standards to continue their operations legally and securely.

This extension not only provides a lifeline to operators facing challenges but also reinforces the importance of compliance and the role of the CAC in maintaining the integrity of Nigeria’s financial sector.  #Fintechoperators #Fintech #pos-operators #CorporateAffairsCommission #TrendingNews #Bulletin1247


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