Nigeria Customs Service Seizes N770 Million in Contraband and Generates N92 Million Revenue in Three Months

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Ogun I Area Command, has made significant strides to curb smuggling and boost revenue collection. Between April and June 2024, the command seized contraband goods worth a duty-paid value (DPV) of N770,666,237 and generated N92,369,227 in revenue. This marks a remarkable 52.46% increase compared to the N53,983,622 recorded during the same period in 2023. Additionally, the command surpassed its monthly revenue target for June 2024 by 77.86%, a noteworthy achievement that underscores the effectiveness of its operations.

Comptroller James Ojo

Significant Contraband Seizures

During the three-month period, the Ogun I Area Command successfully intercepted a wide range of contraband items, highlighting the agency’s relentless fight against smuggling. The seized items included:

  • 219 sacks and 1,725 parcels of cannabis sativa.
  • 940 rounds of live ammunition.
  • 44,466 litres of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS).
  • 2,227 pieces of pneumatic foreign-used tyres.
  • 64 bales and 222 sacks of used clothes.
  • 2,947 cartons of frozen poultry products.
  • 7,015 bags of foreign parboiled rice.
  • 21 units of vehicles.
  • 3 units of motorcycles.
  • 115 pairs of used shoes.

The Controller of the command, Comptroller James Ojo, disclosed these details during a briefing held in Abeokuta on Monday. He emphasized that these seizures were not just about the numbers but represented the agency’s unwavering determination to protect the local economy, ensure public health and safety, and uphold the integrity of Nigeria’s borders.

Economic and Public Health Implications

Comptroller Ojo elaborated on the broader implications of these contraband items on the economy and public health. He noted that cannabis sativa, commonly known as marijuana or Indian hemp, is a psychoactive drug with devastating effects on consumers, particularly the youth. The rise in its abuse poses a significant threat to national security, as it is often linked to various criminal activities, including armed robbery, banditry, cultism, kidnapping, and terrorism.

The interception of 940 rounds of live ammunition also highlights the ongoing efforts to curb violent crimes and ensure public safety. Similarly, the seizure of 44,466 liters of PMS addresses the issue of fuel smuggling, which has economic implications, including the distortion of the local fuel market and loss of government revenue.

Ojo also addressed the dangers posed by pneumatic foreign-used tyres, commonly called “Tokunbo” tyres. These expired tyres present a significant risk to motorists, as they are prone to bursting and causing accidents. The seizure of such items underscores the NCS’s commitment to ensuring road safety and protecting the lives of Nigerian motorists.

Health Risks from Smuggled Poultry

One of the notable interceptions was the seizure of 2,947 cartons of frozen poultry products. Comptroller Ojo explained that smuggled poultry often lacks proper regulatory oversight, increasing the risk of harmful chemicals being used for preservation. These chemicals, such as formaldehyde, can be toxic if ingested and potentially cause acute and chronic health issues, including poisoning, cancer, and organ damage. By preventing these products from reaching the market, the NCS is safeguarding public health and ensuring that consumers are not exposed to dangerous substances.

Achievements and Efforts of the Command

The remarkable achievements of the Ogun I Area Command over the past three months can be attributed to the diligence, commitment, and professionalism of its officers and men. Comptroller Ojo praised his team for their tireless efforts and effective use of intelligence in line with the policy thrust of the Comptroller General of Customs, Bashir Adeniyi. This policy aims to crush all forms of economic sabotage and ensure the protection of Nigeria’s economic interests.

Ojo also acknowledged the vital support and cooperation of traditional rulers and other security agencies in the state. Their collaboration has been instrumental in the successful anti-smuggling campaigns carried out by the command. He expressed his gratitude for their continued support and urged them to maintain their commitment to safeguarding the nation’s borders.

Looking Ahead: Continued Vigilance and Support

Comptroller Ojo called for sustained support from all stakeholders, including the media, to preserve the integrity of Nigeria’s borders. He emphasized the importance of collective efforts in the fight against smuggling and economic sabotage. Ojo urged those engaged in smuggling activities to reconsider their actions, warning that they would face the full force of the law if they continued to undermine the country’s economic well-being.

“Through our concerted efforts and strategic operations, the Ogun I Area Command has generated an impressive revenue of N92,369,227.00 for the second quarter of 2024,” Ojo stated. He reiterated the importance of these efforts not only in revenue generation but also in protecting the local economy and ensuring public safety.

The achievements of the Ogun I Area Command in the past three months demonstrate the effectiveness of strategic operations and the importance of vigilance in border control. The significant increase in revenue and the successful interception of various contraband items highlight the ongoing commitment of the Nigeria Customs Service to its mandate. By prioritizing public health, safety, and economic integrity, the NCS is playing a crucial role in fostering a more secure and prosperous Nigeria.


The Nigeria Customs Service’s Ogun I Area Command has made significant strides in its anti-smuggling efforts, as evidenced by the substantial seizures and impressive revenue generation reported for the second quarter of 2024. These achievements underscore the importance of strategic operations, effective intelligence, and strong collaboration with traditional rulers and security agencies. Comptroller James Ojo’s leadership and the dedication of his officers have been pivotal in these successes. Moving forward, continued vigilance and support from all stakeholders will be essential in maintaining the integrity of Nigeria’s borders and ensuring the country’s economic and public health security.

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