PDP’s NWC Suspends National Vice Chairman Dan Orbih Over Alleged Sabotage in Edo State Governorship Primary

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Working Committee (NWC) has taken decisive action by suspending its National Vice Chairman (South-South), Dan Orbih. This suspension comes in light of allegations accusing Orbih of sabotaging the party’s efforts in Edo State, particularly regarding the contentious governorship primary election held earlier this year.

The internal discord within the PDP’s Edo State Chapter has been palpable since the governorship primary election on February 22, 2024. This election saw Asue Ighodalo emerge as the party’s governorship candidate, a result that was met with dissatisfaction from various factions within the party. These dissatisfied members escalated the matter by taking legal action, challenging the legitimacy of the primary process.

Last week, a significant development occurred when Justice Inyang Ekwo invalidated the primary election. The judgment, issued in response to case FHC/ABJ/CS/165/2024, cited the exclusion of 378 delegates as a critical flaw in the election process. The PDP, standing firm in its support for the primary’s outcome, has since appealed this judgment.

Orbih's Suspension and the Establishment of an Investigative Committee

In a statement released on Wednesday by the PDP’s National Publicity Secretary, Debo Ologunagba, the party articulated its reasons for suspending Dan Orbih. The statement highlighted that Orbih’s actions and public statements concerning the Edo State Governorship Primary Election were inconsistent with the party’s constitution and his responsibilities as a national officer.

“The National Working Committee (NWC) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at its 588th meeting today, Wednesday, July 10, 2024, considered all issues, including complaints on the activities of the National Vice Chairman (South-South) Chief Dan Orbih concerning the September 21, 2024, Governorship election in Edo State,” the statement began.

The NWC expressed unanimous condemnation of Orbih’s behaviour, which it deemed embarrassing and contrary to the provisions of the PDP Constitution (as amended in 2017). In response, the NWC established a six-member committee to investigate Orbih’s conduct. This committee is led by the Deputy National Chairman (South), Ambassador Taofeek Arapaja.

“The NWC at the meeting unanimously condemned the embarrassing actions and utterances of Chief Dan Orbih relating to the Edo State Governorship Primary Election of our great Party which actions and utterances are inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution of the PDP (as amended in 2017) and the demand of his office as a national officer of the Party,” Ologunagba’s statement read.

Pending the outcome of the investigation, the NWC has suspended Orbih from participating in all meetings, activities, and programs of the NWC. The statement clarified, “In the meantime, the NWC forthwith suspends Chief Dan Orbih from participating in all meetings, activities, and programs of the NWC pending the conclusion of an investigation by the Committee.”

Reactions and Implications

The suspension of Dan Orbih has stirred reactions within the PDP and among political observers. It underscores the deep-seated tensions and divisions within the party, particularly in the lead-up to the September 21, 2024, governorship election in Edo State. Orbih, a prominent figure in the South-South region, has been a significant player in the party’s internal dynamics, and his suspension is likely to have far-reaching implications.

The PDP’s decision to suspend Orbih and investigate his actions sends a clear message about the party’s stance on internal discipline and unity. The NWC’s statement emphasized the importance of maintaining cohesion within the party ranks in Edo State. It urged all leaders, stakeholders, and members to remain united and focused on ensuring victory for Asue Ighodalo in the upcoming governorship election.

“The NWC acknowledges the support and solidarity of the overwhelming majority of the people of Edo State who are rallying with our Party and Candidate, Dr Asue Ighodalo, whose vision is in tandem with the Will and aspiration of the people for continued massive development of the State on the platform of the PDP,” the statement noted.

The Road Ahead for PDP in Edo State

As the investigation into Orbih’s conduct proceeds, the PDP faces the challenge of navigating its internal conflicts while preparing for the crucial governorship election. The party’s ability to present a united front and effectively manage internal dissent will be critical in determining its success in Edo State.

The PDP’s leadership has expressed confidence in Ighodalo’s candidacy and his vision for the state’s development. However, the legal battles and internal disputes have the potential to undermine the party’s campaign efforts. The appeal against Justice Ekwo’s judgment is a critical step in affirming the party’s stance on the primary election and addressing the grievances of the excluded delegates.

The NWC’s directive for unity and focus among its members in Edo State highlights the party’s strategic priorities. Ensuring that the campaign remains on track and that party members work collaboratively will be essential in securing a victory for Ighodalo.


The suspension of Dan Orbih marks a significant development in the ongoing saga of the PDP’s internal conflicts in Edo State. It reflects the party’s commitment to addressing issues of discipline and unity within its ranks. As the investigation into Orbih’s conduct unfolds, the PDP will need to balance its internal dynamics with the broader goal of winning the September 21, 2024, governorship election.

The party’s leadership, particularly the NWC, faces the task of steering the PDP through this period of turbulence and ensuring that it emerges stronger and more united. The outcome of the investigation and the subsequent handling of the legal challenges will be pivotal in shaping the party’s future in Edo State and beyond. #pdp #TrendingNews #Politics #Bulletin1247

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