Peter Obi Donates N10 Million to Grimard College of Nursing Sciences, Advocates for Healthcare and Education Investment


A Significant Contribution to Nursing Education

In a demonstration of his ongoing commitment to improving healthcare and education in Nigeria, Peter Obi, the 2023 Labour Party presidential candidate, has donated N10 million to the Grimard College of Nursing Sciences in Anyigba, Kogi State. This generous contribution was made during a visit to the institution on Monday, where Obi underscored the crucial role that the college plays in the nation’s healthcare sector.

Acknowledging the College's Impact

In a statement released on Tuesday via X (formerly Twitter), Obi emphasized the importance of Grimard College in bolstering Nigeria’s primary healthcare system. He stated, “Grimard College of Nursing Sciences, Kogi State, has continued to play a very critical role in the primary healthcare sector of the nation through its training and nurturing of healthcare professionals who make a difference in society.” This recognition highlights the college’s significant contributions to producing skilled healthcare workers who are essential to the nation's health services.

Consistent Advocacy for Health and Education

Obi, the former governor of Anambra State, has been a vocal advocate for increased investment in health and education. His donation to Grimard College is a continuation of his long-standing efforts to bolster these critical sectors. He reiterated his call for both government bodies and donor agencies to prioritize funding for health and education initiatives, stating, “I have not only remained consistent in urging governments, at all levels, to invest more in health and education, but I have also continued to call on donor agencies to do the same.”

The Crucial Role of Nursing

Highlighting the importance of nursing education, Obi expressed his particular concern about the training of nurses, who he described as being at the heart of primary healthcare delivery. He emphasized the need for proactive measures to address the potential shortage of nurses, which experts have been warning about. “As experts continue to warn of a looming severe shortage of nurses, we must remain proactive by investing in their training. Through that, we can have enough for our domestic health sector, and export more to the global community,” he said.

Gratitude and Encouragement

During his visit, Obi expressed his gratitude to the management and staff of Grimard College for their dedication to training healthcare professionals. He commended their efforts in nurturing the next generation of nurses and other healthcare workers. Furthermore, he took the opportunity to encourage the nursing students to remain focused on their studies and continue working hard to achieve their goals.

“Our commitment remains to build a New Nigeria which offers Nigerians access to good healthcare and educational opportunities,” Obi added. This statement reflects his broader vision for Nigeria, where healthcare and education are prioritized and adequately funded, ensuring that all citizens have access to these essential services.

The Impact of the Donation

The N10 million donation from Peter Obi is expected to have a significant impact on Grimard College of Nursing Sciences. These funds can be used to enhance the college's facilities, provide scholarships to deserving students, purchase essential educational materials, and support various programs aimed at improving the quality of nursing education. This contribution will help ensure that the college can continue its mission of training highly skilled healthcare professionals who can serve both the local community and the broader healthcare sector.

The Broader Context of Healthcare in Nigeria

Nigeria’s healthcare system has faced numerous challenges over the years, including inadequate funding, insufficient infrastructure, and a shortage of trained healthcare professionals. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed the vulnerabilities in the system, highlighting the urgent need for substantial investment in healthcare services and education. Initiatives like Obi’s donation are critical in addressing these issues and improving the overall quality of healthcare in the country.

The Role of Philanthropy in Education

Philanthropic contributions, such as the one made by Peter Obi, play a crucial role in supporting educational institutions and healthcare facilities in Nigeria. These donations provide much-needed financial resources that can help bridge funding gaps, support infrastructure development, and enhance the quality of education and training provided to students. By investing in education and healthcare, philanthropists like Obi are helping to create a brighter future for Nigeria.


Peter Obi’s N10 million donation to Grimard College of Nursing Sciences is a significant gesture that underscores his commitment to improving healthcare and education in Nigeria. His advocacy for increased investment in these sectors highlights the urgent need for government bodies and donor agencies to prioritize funding for health and education initiatives. By supporting the training of nurses and other healthcare professionals, Obi is contributing to the development of a robust healthcare system that can meet the needs of Nigeria’s growing population. This donation not only benefits the college and its students but also sets an example for others to follow, demonstrating the power of philanthropy in creating positive change in society. #philanthropy #TrendingNews #Bulletin1247 #news #newsheadlings #PeterObi

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